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    Yopye information| hotly congratulate that Yopye group was appraised as first batch of ‘Municipal industrial design center’ in Guangzhou新萄京赌城官网
    2017-1-9 17:03:23 Editor in charge: Yopye Administrator

    Hi reported! Hi reported! Warmly congratulate that Guangdong Yopye Furniture Group Co., Ltd. Has passed through the "municipal industrial design center" certificate, among the first batch of "municipal industrial design center." identified.

    The president Mr. Li Chihua received the award.

    On the afternoon of December 20, Guangzhou Industrial Design and Industry Convergence Meeting and the awarding ceremony of Municipal Industrial Design Center was held at the Fuqian Edifice building. The leaders of the Municipal Industry Committee awarded the prize of ‘Guangzhou Municipal Industrial Design Center’ to 25 enterprises including the Guangdong Yopye Furniture Company.  

    On site of the meeting

    Industrial design is an important engine for industrial upgrading and upgrading of the value chain. To carry out the cultivation and identification of municipal industrial centers, it is conducive to further promote industrial design to accelerate the development of industrial design and its integration with the industry.

    After extensive solicitation, expert review, site inspection, publicity and other procedures, a total of 25 enterprises were selected as the first batch of municipal industrial design centers, including Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Guoguang Electric Co., Ltd., Guangzhou CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. , Yopye Furniture Group Co., Ltd., altogether 23 enterprises design centers and 2 industrial design enterprises. According to statistics, the average investment of specific fee in industrial design for the enterprises winning the award of industrial design center in 2015 was 20.23 million Yuan. 


    As China's well-known office furniture business, Yopye focus on original product design, adhere to the source of innovation. In addition, Yopye has been concerned for many years and is committed to promoting the development of China's original design and talent development, it actively communicates with domestic institutions and excellent design agencies to carry out cooperation and exchanges for college design students to provide practical platform for professional students, thus injecting new vitality for China's original design.

    This time, the winning of "Municipal Industrial Design Center"  is the recognition to Yopye’s innovation and R & D strength by the industry, Yopye will also regards it as an honor and encouragement, to further strengthen the innovative design and original design, to provide customers with Excellent office environment, so to increase the overall value of business space. Yopye, excellent office!

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